February 2017



Don’t everyone wish for a day off just for relaxing. Most people can take leave from their work but what about the cooking? Isn’t that work too? How can you relax if you have lots of cooking to do in the kitchen? If only you had someone to do the cooking, you would have had the time for relaxing or having fun with your kids or doing other leisurely activities. Well, this is when you got to think about hiring a personal chef. Nowadays, most people opt for a personal chef because they don’t have the time and energy to cook after having a busy day at work. According to sites like www.huffingtonpost.com, you should do a background check of the chef before hiring them.

Now, how does hiring a personal chef make you have an easier life? Depending on your preferences, a personal chef may cook for you once or a couple of times a week. They may cook the food in your kitchen or at a different location which you can consume or store in your fridge for later use. Your favorite food is prepared according to your dietary needs. You can either plan the menu or leave it to the chef who is solely left for you to decide. The chef also does the grocery shopping, preparing food, cooking food, and even cleans up before leaving. The chef will even store the food and provide instructions on how to reheat the food properly.
But it is very important to understand that each personal chef has a unique way of making dishes. You should make sure the chef knows about your likes and dislikes before hiring them.

Haven’t you wondered how a personal chef is different from a private chef? Well, a personal chef may have many customers, which are either families or persons who the chef cooks for a couple of times a week whereas the private chef lives in the house of the person who hired them. The chef prepares food on a daily basis.

You need to choose the personal chef from a reputable agency. Try searching online for personal chef as several reputed agencies are registered and can be found easily. Make sure to interview the chef and do ask them to give a sample of their dishes. If you can ask them to prepare the dish at your place, it would be much better as it would give you an insight into the way the chef cooks. You should interview each candidate thoroughly before hiring them. You should see to it that the chef shares your food taste, values and cleanliness standard.

You should verify if the chef has personal liability insurance because the kitchen is a place where a number of accidents like an oil burn or sliced finger can happen. The chef should also hold a food handler’s card. A food handler’s card is a card that tells you whether the chef has been trained properly in food safety.

You need to ask for at least two references for knowing about their previous experiences. It’s best to seek opinions from their past clients so as to make sure that you are hiring the right personal chef.



Selecting an exterior door for your house may be a daunting task if you are not aware of what and where to look for. There are many stores that are dedicated only to selling doors, and you need to visit them to get to know more about the purchase and the bonuses that they offer. You can also look into the many online stores that are available. Sites like idealhome.co.uk, also gives you an idea about the different types of exterior doors. Here they are discussed for your perusal.

Wooden Doors
The use of wooden doors has been more of a tradition. The traditional frame and panel type of doors are most commonly used these days. Since more and more people are looking to buy this item, it has become a high-end and specialty type of door. Some manufacturers design doors that are available in stock all through the year but most of them make custom made doors to suit the requests of the buyer. Even though solid wooden exterior doors look great and give a good look to the house, their maintenance is quite high and should not be ignored. The doors have to be frequently painted and also have to be protected from the weather God with a roof for itself.

Steel Doors
Steel doors are the doors that have a highly galvanized steel skin on top of a wooden or a steel frame. These doors are more durable when compared to the fully wooden doors. The bottom part of these doors that are likely to get exposed to water or snow should be made of composite material that is waterproof as well. Steel has strong edges and will need a thermal break to avoid condensation near the door’s interior. Care should be taken that the steel does not get rusted; else you could end up with other problems like the wood coming directly in contact with the outside weather.

Fiberglass Doors
Fiberglass doors were initially introduced in the early eighties. These are internally built in the same way as steel doors. The part of the fiberglass door that is exposed to the outside is usually embossed with a high-quality wood grain. You can also get a smooth finish that makes it look like a painted wooden door. The cost of fiberglass doors is somewhere between that of a wooden and a steel door. Hence, this is a very suitable option for you if you are not looking to spend much on the external doors.

Composite Doors
As the name indicates, composite doors are made of materials that are engineered for such uses. Many types of engineered wood are used these days for making doors. LVL, MDF and particle board are some that are common. The finish can be either embossed or a smooth one. The cost of these doors is between that of a steel door and a fiberglass door. You can also get a good warranty for this type of doors, usually around ten years. Some of the doors that are made with composite wood start swelling and starts to delaminate when exposed to the weather. This can be avoided by using a good coat of paint.