Choosing A Right Litter Box That Will Make Your Cats As Well As You Happy

Litter Box

Litter Box

When it comes to bathroom habits, the cats can become fussy. It is essential to buy a good litter box to avoid handling the mess every day at home. There are a lot of decisions that you must take before the purchase of a litter box. The number of litter boxes is one among them. Choosing the type of litter is another important decision. Cat Litter Source allows you to choose the best litter for your cat with their detailed comparisons and reviews on different products. The portals of describe the importance of enhancing the quality of life for pets at home. Here are more tips that will help you to buy the right litter for your beloved little companions.

Deciding on the numbers
Count the number of cats you have and buy each one a separate litter box. You cannot designate a private box for each of them because cats will not stick to what you say. But when you have one box per head, you can prevent the mess at home. Cats are very choosy, and they have high standards for themselves. They might not use the litter box when they see their fellow mates occupying them. In such situations, make sure to keep all the boxes clean. It is better to have additional boxes too. Never keep all the litter boxes together in one place.

Choosing amongst the different types available
There are both covered and uncovered litter boxes. A covered model offers privacy, but it can trap the odors inside. Similarly, larger cats find it difficult to place themselves inside the covered litter box. If your cats do not find them comfortable, then they will never use it again. So, offer both the covered and uncovered boxes to find the preferences of your cat.

There are many self-cleaning litter boxes available in the market. They enable automation and added convenience in cleaning the cat’s waste. But cats are highly picky, and they might prefer a traditional litter box. Giving importance to their choice is essential. The most predominant cat litter includes clumping litter, silica gel litter, conventional clay litter, and the biodegradable litter.

The fine-grained litters are always preferred by the cats as they bring a softer feel. The clumping or scooping litter contain fine grains. The traditional clay litter is well-known as they reduce the odors. It is imperative that you choose the litter box preferred by your cat. Many go in for the scented litters to mask the malodors, but most cats do not like them. And never switch between the types of litter boxes regularly as the cats might stop using them.

Cleaning the litter box
It is ideal to scoop out the feces daily. Replacing the litter depends on various factors such as the type of litter, the number of cats and the number of litter boxes at home. However, as a general parameter, you can replace the litter twice a week. Make sure to clean the box as you replace the litter. With these tips in mind and considering the preferences of your cat make sure to purchase the right cat litter.

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