How To Claim Free TV License


main-tv-licenceIf a person is over 75 years old, or someone in their house is over 75, then they are eligible to get a free TV license. Similarly, if a person is 74 years old and their license is due for renewal, then they can get a short term license which will be valid until the person turns 75. As the person turns 75, they can apply for the free TV license, which will be sent every 3 years. For more on free license dial TV licence contact number. You can find relevant information on

Making the Claim
If a person fits the criteria for TV license, then they can claim for it. As a part of this, the person needs to provide their name, date of birth, address, postcode and National Insurance Number. The person will also have to submit their current TV license for the household. If they are already over 75, then they will have to apply for the free license as the existing license will not automatically change to free license.

Refunding of Payments
When a person who is over 75 pays for their license using direct debit, then the licensing company will cancel this and will also refund the amount that has been paid from the first month after the 75th birthday when they process the application. Once the claimed license is received, then it covers everyone living in the same address as the applicant.

Eligible Relatives
It is important to talk to parents or relatives and let them know about the free license and helps them in checking whether they have applied for free license as most of them are not aware about this service.

Other properties
T is important to know that the free license for people over 75 years old is applicable only to their main address and if they have other properties that needs the license, then they will have to claim and buy separate licenses.

Discounted Licenses
While people over 75 years of age are given free TV license, discounts are also available for visually challenged and people under residential care.

People in care
People in residential care get a special license for 7.50 pounds. The person must be over 60 or disabled to qualify for this benefit.

Licenses for the visually challenged
If a person is registered as blind, then they can get a discount of 50%. The reduction also applies to people who live with the blind. The license must be in the name of the blind person to get this benefit and if it is not in their name, then they can transfer the license to their name. this discount can be applied through or can be applied to the existing licensing company with name, address, phone number, existing license and the copy of the blind registration certificate along with the license number.

Funding of the free license
The deal between BBC and the Government says that BBC takes the responsibility of funding the free TV license for the elderly. I return, the license fee might increase with inflation and services like iPlayer might be introduced.

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