LED Party Glasses – Light Up Your Party Night!

LED Party Glasses – Light Up Your Party Night!

party-glassesThe latest trend in Bluetooth enabled glasses which will change your party night into an electrifying night are the Chemion LED party glasses. Some of the special features available in the chemion glasses are creating your own designs, managing text, doing your own animation and a four sound reactive equalizer. You would have to search for an excuse to try one of the chemion glasses which will make your party night the most unforgettable one.

Check out the latest trend in LED glasses worn by party goes to electrify the night as mentioned in the site

Bluetooth enabled glasses are the latest ones to show your creativity by creating different designs by combining more than 200 inbuilt designs and animations. You can connect the glasses through the Bluetooth and use it through the mobile application and create many designs. IOS and android mobile phones can be used to download the applications and create your own unique style and creativity to flaunt your style in the crowd. The equalizer that is enabled in the glasses helps in playing the animation according to the beat of the music. They use the phones microphone which transmits the same into the shades designed by you.

It is very easy to operate, you just need to press the on and off button available in the glasses for three seconds. Fives shades that are saved can be changed in the glasses according to your style and occasion. It is wireless, basically operated through a Bluetooth which is very convenient to use and store. You can create your own designs and animations or even take them from your friends through your Bluetooth. Two triple AAA battery is required for the glasses to operate. The LED exhibits 210 units of brightness which brighten your party night with the different shades, colors, animations and designs and enjoy the night. The chemion glasses are foldable and very light weight. They are very easy to maintain and use.

The Bluetooth consumes low energy and intimates you when disconnected. They recognize the sound and the shades changes according to the music played at your party night. The chemion glasses have ergonomic designs and give you a very transparent display. They have built in memory which helps you creating different texts, drawing, equalizers and animations to brighten your night.

You can see through the chemion glasses even when the glasses display your imagination, text, and shades on the screen of the glasses. The LED lights that are exhibited are only on the outer of the glasses and not inside, which will not harm your eye.

You can check the chemion LED glasses online, choose the best one and order them online. They deliver your favorite chemion LED glasses to your house within three working days. It includes the case so that the product does not get damaged when delivered. It needs two AAA battery which is not included but the battery is sure to last for more than 5 hours.

What are you waiting for? Get online and book one for yourself to enjoy and brighten your party night and get-together.

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